Interested in working overseas?

Enjoy support while you are away from home

Professionals Australia members enjoy the benefits of UUNI Global Union (UNI) – a group of 900 affiliated professional associations and unions worldwide.

There are over 20 million people associated with UNI through their professional association or union in over 150 countries. UNI can help you negotiate local labour laws, establish banking, tax, housing or health care protection when you are working overseas.

Are you a student or graduate?

Students and our graduate members can access UNI services too. UNI will help ensure that foreign internships will genuinely help develop your studies or your career – and avoid the exploitation of your labour.


Connect with a UNI Passport

To access UNI, you simply need to complete an online form and create an online form and create a UNI Passport. Once your passport and Professionals Australia membership is confirmed, UNI will then connect you to the relevant employee association in the country where you intend to work.

Find out more and create your UNI Passport.

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