Know Your Rights: Changes to The Professional Employees Award

It was fantastic to have so many union members attending the webinars on the changes to the Professional Employees Award last week. Understanding your rights under the Award is critical to stamping out exploitative work practices.

If you missed the sessions, you can catch up here:

If you attended the webinars, or have viewed them in the portal, please take 2 minutes to complete this brief survey to gauge your understanding of the changes and experiences in your workplace. Your feedback is so important as it will guide future campaigns and educational content for all union members.

Survey here.

If you have colleagues who are not union members, this is your reminder to ask them to join you.

Let them know about the changes and that this success and every other beneficial outcome that we win is only due to the strength of our membership and the solidarity of union members working together.

As you now know, the changes came into effect on the 17th of September. You should see any reflection of those changes in your first full pay cycle after that date.

It’s critical that you know your rights under the updated Award. Being a union member means you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to identify any possible issues with implementing these changes in your workplace. You will also have your union support, expert advice, and representation if you are unfairly treated.